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Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. When I say WHY, I don’t mean to make money – that’s a result. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief?
WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?” … Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
Our WHY is as simple as it gets.  To provide best practice property management solutions, assistance, and guidance in the multifamily real estate arena.  Our services are geared towards providing a different, more intuitive, and practical perspective for new owners and investors when acquiring, managing, and operating the assets in their portfolios.  We are not the biggest company in the industry, nor will we ever be.  It’s more important we provide services which exceed the expectations of our clients than it is to be the biggest company out there in the marketplace.

Here’s what our clients are saying about our property management consulting services:

  • Thank you PRO-Visions for doing a wonderful job of observing and assessing the property and staff at our location in SC and providing us with a plan to help the property be successful. The plan was very professional and detailed.
  • Would not hesitate to recommend this company to other owners and investors.
  • Very satisfied with the company.
  • Services are reliable, high quality, useful, unique, and good value for the money.
  • Services met our needs extremely well.
  • Very high quality services.
  • An excellent value for the money.
  • Company leadership was extremely responsive to our questions or concerns.
  • Was a really great experience and definitely a repeat.
  • We’re extremely likely to use this company again.

Simon Sinek sums it up the best:

“When business leaders simply chase profit from quarter to quarter, they are chasing a finite solution, rather than a lasting purpose.”
Infinite Game

Client Reviews

Good afternoon, Claire,

Would like to take a moment to thank you on behalf of Moultrie American Legion Post 136 for your very generous donation.

Your donation enabled us to cover the expense of sending one young high school aged boy to the American Legion sponsored Boys State Camp. This is a sought after program by many students, but unfortunately is limited to a relatively small number of attendees who interview for inclusion.

Again, thank you,

Pete Torrano
Finance Officer
Post 136, American Legion

To Provisions Property,

We would like to thank you for doing a wonderful job of observing and assessing the property and staff at Riverwalk and providing us with a plan to help the property be successful. The plan was very professional and detailed.

We look forward to working with you in the future to re-evaluate our property and staff to ensure we are on the best path for success and for you to provide further recommendations.

Leslie Damon
Director of Human Resources
Alexander Properties Group
Atlanta, GA

To Claire at Provisions Property,

I am honored to have Claire as my mentor. She has given me valuable insight and knowledge in a very short time frame with real deadlines to address. Claire has so many areas of expertise that she draws from and the benefits I have received are priceless! On her website one thing that stands out to me to describe the true benefits the company offers; “Moreover, we believe honesty, integrity, transparency, and ethical business practices, are our guiding principles to success.”

Julie Jackson

Provisions Property,

If 6 stars were an option, I would give them! Claire is by far one of the most knowledgeable and professional women in the industry. She is a delight to work with and we are lucky to be partnered with her on our assets. She goes above and beyond to get the job done and never falls short on her delivery. If you have the opportunity to work with her, please take it!”

Lisa K.
Capstone Development


I want to personally thank you for how much you care and look out for my company’s benefits and best performance.  It is very rare and uncommon to see someone as devoted as you are and it is appreciated by each and every member of  our company’s corporate and site management teams.

AR, New York, NY


Claire has been a pleasure to work with!

Gabrielle Dapaz

PRO-Visions Property Management &  Consulting Company, LLC

2023 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Our 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey results are in! While these results are important to our team, what’s more important is the success of our clients and their teams. The results show we are consistently exceeding the goals and expectations of our clients.

Specifically, and overall, here’s what our Clients have to say about PPMC:

  • Our clients would recommend our company to others.
  • Our clients are very satisfied with our company and our services.
  • Our clients used words such as reliable, high quality, useful, unique, and good value for the money to describe our services.
  • Our clients feel we meet their needs extremely well.
  • Our clients say our services are of a very high quality.
  • Our clients say our services are an excellent value of the money.
  • Our clients say our team is extremely responsive to questions, concerns, and requested action items.
  • On average, our clients have been trusting our company for two years or more.
  • Our clients say the likelihood of continuing to use our services is extremely likely.

Some off the cuff comments from our clients include:

  • Claire is awesome!
  • Your timely responses, knowledge, and patience are appreciated.
  • Claire always lets me know I can do anything and she’s my biggest cheerleader.
  • Claire, it’s so good to know there is an extremely qualified, friendly, willing person to call in times of uncertainty and to know you are always willing and able to keep things right.
  • The number 1 quality that I see and try to relate to my staff is prioritizing and organizing. Two amazing skills you show and that are greatly appreciated.

Moncks Corner, SC

Phone: 678-644-4181