In the Innovative Property Management Industry Make Sure That You “Do It Right”

Property Management Industry Do It Right

I know you’ve heard people say doing what’s right is never easy, and that may be true. However in Property Management, the more you do what’s right the easier it becomes.

Doing what’s right, and even what’s not right, says volumes about your character, your ethics, and your integrity. It’s a decision each one of us has to make about how we want to be perceived both in our personal and work lives.

Have you ever been asked to do something you knew in your “gut” wasn’t right? Think about it! How did it make you feel? Were you afraid to stand your ground and say no? Was the fear of getting in trouble, or even fired, more powerful? I mean, after all, you have bills, responsibilities, maybe even a family to support. Does the flood of all the negatives which could happen outweigh the positives of standing your ground? If you didn’t stand your ground and hold tight to your integrity and ethics, how did you feel once you gave in and did what you were asked to do? Take a few minutes to think about it…..

One request to “skirt” what’s right or take the easy way out has the potential to lead to other requests and before you know it, you’ve created the perception you’ll do whatever you’re asked to do – right or wrong. One decision to do what’s wrong (and sometimes take the easy way out) leads to another to try to fix the first one, then another to fix that one, and it just keeps going until you end up with a mess that can’t be fixed.

Is this really who you are?

It’s scary to stand your ground and say no to something which you know is wrong and against the rules, not to mention against your “moral compass”. The first time you do stand and say no will be terrifying because you don’t know what the consequences will be.

I can tell you those consequences are never greater than sacrificing who you are to be something you’re not.

I’ve stood my ground on doing what’s right and following the law, regulations, policies, etc…and while it still can be a bit scary, it does get easier each time. My confidence in who I am gets stronger each time I chose to stand.

I would much rather (and will) do what’s right, then lose who I am by doing what’s wrong. I choose to stand.