Monday’s Brain Games & Exercises


Exercising your mind can yield some unexpected / creative outcomes and solutions for the challenges you may face today.

I thought it might be fun for this Monday to exercise our brains!  We’ve got a holiday weekend coming up, it’s the end of the month (almost), and considering we are all working in the new “normal”, let’s exercise our brain a bit to keep our creative juices flowing.  Also…it never hurts to throw some fun and games into our work week.

Over the years I’ve found some of the most creative and successful things I’ve accomplished come when I’m overwhelmed or discouraged.  It’s during these times I take a break from what I’m doing and either do something creative or fun for my staffs, or I look for a puzzle or brain game to do just for a few minutes to get my mind re-engaged.  I’ve learned sometimes taking a quick break to do something fun for others or to challenge my mind gets me over the hump, gets the creative juices flowing again, and ultimately puts me back in the game and on the right track.

Rev-up Your Energy

Get excited about renewing your mind!

I’ve created a few puzzles (of sorts) which include a Matching Game, a Word Search, Multiple Choice Game, and a Word Jumble.  Take some time, print them out and do one or two while you eat your lunch (if that’s even possible in the property management industry).  Get up, move around, then get your brain in gear.  You never know what creative and successful ideas come to you while you are taking a quick minute to refocus your mind and your energy.

Think About It
Match the definition on the left to the meaning on the right.
While you are looking for the words, think about what they mean and how they relate to your job.
Math for Managers - Multiple Choice
Math can be fun…especially when you know how to apply it to your job. Do you know why?
Train Your Brain - Word Scramble
Give it a try! Figuring out one may jog your mind and help you resolve a situation you may be facing.

It’s important to not only keep physically active, but mentally as well.  We’ve been bombarded with the global and local news, work environments have changed, how we do things has changed, everything has changed!  Face it, it’s confusing, overwhelming, exhausting, and all that takes its toll – on every body!

Creative Success!!!

Success – You’re Back in the Game!

So, today take a few seconds and focus on renewing your mind by doing a puzzle or two.  You just never know what creative solutions you may come up with while you do some mental exercising!


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