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One of the consistent things about the multi-family industry is it’s not that consistent.

This is a very dynamic industry and every day will be different. You may do the same type thing, but with all the different players involved, it will probably never be identical to the day before.

Now, more than ever, our service skills need to take the forefront of our actions.

Property management is a service industry as we serve our residents, our staffs, our owners, and just about everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis. With social distancing in place across this country, and the world, it’s even more important now we don’t forget the customer service aspects of our jobs.

I’ve heard from many people apartment management offices are closed and only deal with residents and prospects via email or phone; service requests are only being done in emergencies; and many resident functions have been cancelled. All these things are being done to protect us and to help slow down the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Even with all that is going on, and not going on like the constant in person day to day office visitors, we need to remember we are still providing a valued and much needed service – and that service needs to be expanded during this stressful times.

I would encourage each of you to make sure you call each one of your residents at least once during the month just to check in and make sure they are ok. I think those of us who manage senior communities should be checking in with our senior residents at least twice a week. Many of our residents don’t have family, transportation, and in some cases the only face to face interaction they have is with the staff in the management office. It can be the highlight of their day, just popping in to say hello and see a friendly face. However, in light of what’s going on across the globe, those visits have to stop temporarily. But….our ability to provide service to our residents doesn’t stop, it has just changed.

You can continue to make their day through this crisis by simply picking up the phone and giving them a call to check on them. Let them know they are a valued member of your community and although right now they can’t come to the office to visit, you haven’t forgotten about them and you are still there manning your post.

People all over the world are coming together online showing their support for first responders, health care workers, family and friends.

We live in a social media world, so let’s use it to make sure our customers in this dynamic industry know we’re in this with them and haven’t forgotten why we do what we do – serve our community.

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