Multifamily Professionals – THANK YOU!

To all the multifamily professionals out there....THANK YOU!
Each and every person working in the multifamily industry today needs to know how much they are appreciated!

You Are Appreciated!

I think sometimes we all forget to stop and let someone know how much we appreciate all they do.  There are the people we work with, a member of our family, a neighbor, the cashier at the grocery store, the mailman, and this list goes on an on.  Right now parents are appreciating everything their children’s teachers go through on a daily basis; grocery store patrons are appreciating the men and women who drive the trucks that bring goods to restock store shelves; what about the teams that work at the local water company?  Then there are the sanitation workers (who probably are picking up double what they normally do since we all have been at home), the pest control service team members…who can you think of right now that needs to know what they do matters?

I think sometimes we all forget to stop and let someone know how much we appreciate all they do.

To all the Property Managers, Regional Managers, Maintenance Supervisors and Technicians, Groundskeepers, Housekeepers, Leasing Agents, Assistant Property Managers, Compliance Staffs, Operations Staffs, Property Accountants, VP’s, Presidents, Directors…and so many other positions that make up the dynamic world of multifamily property management…I just want to give a huge THANK YOU for all you do!  The big things you do everyday we all see and the little things no one may see, thank you for getting up each day and taking care of the assets and properties you oversee.

I think we need to make sure we show our appreciation more throughout the year, and not just during times of great stress and anxiety.  So, how do you let your staffs know how much you appreciate all they do?  A quick note, email or phone call?  Maybe even a hug or a card?  Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture for all the world to see (although, that is a great way to celebrate someone’s accomplishments), the main requirement is it needs to come from your heart.

Personally, I have several things I do to let my staffs know how much I appreciate everything they do on a daily basis…what I see and also what I don’t see but know they are doing.  For example, a few years ago I got little white mailboxes and put one on each desk for every staff member in the company – both on site and at the corporate office.  Each mailbox has a little red flag and I put a sticker on the front with the company’s logo.  I purchased praise cards from Baudville that were small enough to fit inside the mailbox.  Their praise cards are available with quite a few themes and come with envelopes.  Anytime I would go to visit properties I would take some with me just in case I “caught” someone doing something amazing.  I’d fill out the card, address the envelope, and pop it in the mailbox then raise the red flag.  If I heard or saw something great about a staff or team member and I knew I wasn’t going to be at the site in the near future, I’d mail it in a regular envelope to the Property Manager and they would put it in the mailbox and raise the flag.  The Property Manager’s would call everyone to the office and get all excited because out of nowhere mail appeared in the tiny mailbox.  Once the mail was opened they would proudly display their praise cards on a bulletin board.

Celebration in the office
Celebrate all the successes both big and small!

Celebrate success regardless of it’s magnitude! 

Anytime I would go to visit properties I would take some with me just in case I “caught” someone doing something amazing.

Another thing I’ve done involves the property’s maintenance team.  Create a scavenger hunt (of sorts) and hide gift cards or coupon’s for a half day off  or you buy their lunch, in areas where more attention is needed.  For example, the back of the property seems to not always get the attention it should.  The day starts out, each maintenance team member has a zone to inspect and pick up trash, but by the time the office opens the back zone is done quickly so work orders can get started.  Hide a gift card in that area where you know more attention needs to be and see who finds the card.  Or, if vacant units need to be walked and filters need to be changed, but because it’s summer time and AC work orders are piling up, put a coupon for a half day off in the HVAC closet (hoping they find it because they are changing filters).  Don’t tell them you have hidden prizes, just give them a list of what needs to be tackled that day and include clues next to the areas where you need them to concentrate more.  If filters tend to be forgotten you could simply write “If I don’t get changed my systems won’t run efficiently and smoothly”…something like that.

When a team does something that truly was amazing (increasing occupancy by 25% in 30 days), do a quick email with fun pictures you can find online, and send to all the properties and everyone at the corporate office, including the owner.  I actually have had a few site teams that have accomplished this over the years and I was so proud of one team (in a very challenging rural market in Tennessee), I sent them Omaha Steaks and had them grill their lunch one day.  Another time at an equally challenging property in Georgia, I challenged the staff to make a certain goal and their prize was the owner would fix them breakfast…I must say the owner is an amazing cook and we all loved breakfast together that morning.

I send handwritten birthday cards and company anniversary cards to each and every staff member.  It’s important that your staffs know, without a doubt, how important they are as a member of your team.  Don’t forget to acknowledge all their efforts!

Today I'm grateful for all the professionals in the multifamily industry!
…The professionals who work in the property management industry

Who are you grateful for today?

Even just a quick phone call, email, or even a card (I got one the other day and it made my week) to say thanks for all you do means more than most people realize.  Don’t forget you can call your supervisor or boss and do the same – just let them know how much you appreciate all they do to support you.  Again, nothing fancy – just says thanks!  Most of us need to know we are appreciated now and then, it can really turn someone’s day around to know they are needed and what they do does not go unnoticed.

I have five really good friends that I try to let them know how much I appreciate their support, friendship, and everything they do as often as possible.  You know who you are and if I haven’t told you in the last week or so….I couldn’t do what I do without your support and friendship!

So, to all the wonderful, hardworking property management professionals out there, from me to you – thank you so much for your tireless efforts, dedication to providing top notch service to your residents, owners, and staffs, and just thank you for getting up today and hitting the ground running!

Take some time today to let someone know they are appreciated.  It will help brighten your day as well!

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