One Nice Thing to do Today in Professional Property Management

Nice & Kindness in Property Management Today

Today I want to challenge everyone to do one nice thing for someone…doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, take a lot of time…it just has to come from your heart.

My Aunt is sewing masks for my cousins chiropractic business and others in her Florida town and I’m going to start making them for my community…at no charge.

You see it on TV all day, people are rallying and coming together in so many different ways during our current world health crisis. One of my neighbors has a painting group and although they can’t meet in person, they are meeting online once a week to paint together. Churches and Synagogue’s are meeting online, book clubs are reading together online, people all over the world are joining online choirs and singing for the rest of us to give us hope.

The list is endless of what people from all different walks of life, different countries, and different beliefs are doing to pass on hope and a smile. It’s a sign of hope for me to see people put aside their differences and come together as one beaming light in the darkness we all are facing. After all, we are all in this together.

Together we are stronger and that strength should be passed on. So today, pick one nice thing to do for someone else.

A simple phone call, a quick email to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, read a children’s book, do crafts, cook your favorite recipe, sing a song, have a puppet show, then record it and share it. Send lunch to your local hospital’s emergency room staff or to other first responders in your community. Let them know how much you appreciate them being on the front lines.

If you are sharing anything on your property’s site or social media accounts, you need to get permission and approval from your corporate office before you post anything. Keep in mind too (not to take anything away from the gesture), but everything has to comply with Fair Housing Laws. The list is endless of things you can do to help pass on a smile. It will also lighten your heart a bit as well. Giving back, paying it forward, doing one nice thing today will help you smile as well.

Think of how this world would be if we not only did this now, but made it our mission to do one nice thing for someone every day going forward.

While we shouldn’t wait for a crisis to have this mentality, there’s no better time to put it into practice then now. Once you get in the habit of doing it, it’s second nature, so don’t stop, make it part of your daily routine.

Alicia Keys’ song, Underdog, sums up what we need to do now…and that’s rise up! So, let’s all rise up to the challenges we all are facing and start each day by doing one nice thing for someone else.

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