In Reliable Property Management, People Matter Most!

Property Manager People Matter Most

One of the most important things any property manager can do is remember they are only as good as the staff that stands with them.

Notice I said, “with them”.  As with any organization there is a chain of command, but the trick is to not let this go to your head.  Any leader is only as good as the people they lead…you have to find the balance between leading, mentoring, engaging, and correcting your staffs.

No two associates are going to be the same either.  They won’t learn, listen, and react the same way.  It’s your job as the team leader to find out how your employees “tick” so you can keep them engaged in their jobs; keep them motivated; keep them learning; and keep your zoo running.

I’ve found that if your teams know you are genuinely interested in their well being, their career development, and just plain interested in them as a human being….if they know you are behind them 100% and are there to provide whatever assistance, guidance, training, support, and advice they need….they’ll put everything they have into not only their job but they’ll take ownership and outperform your expectations.

It also means you get involved, get in there and pick up a shovel, pull weeds, and run like the wind when you accidentally get a fire ant hill thrown on you (yes that happened)…never be above getting your hands dirty and pitching in to help your teams.  It sets an example that truly inspires your teams.  More often than not, as people rise up through the ranks they tend to forget how they got there….that’s something you need to remember.

You, as the team leader, need to remember to be approachable, transparent, honest, and fair.

Then add to the mix being tough but in a respectful way, never demeaning, condescending, never putting anyone on the defensive.

Always be willing to not only delegate but take on a few tasks yourself.  Try it…you will be surprised at the change in attitude from your teams.

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